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Looking for someone who sees your love as one-of-a-kind and documents you in a way that feels true to who you are at your core? You're in the right place. You've got incredible style, you're looking for photos that are anything but typical, and have a love story that's just as brazen as your personality. That, combined with a gritty meets editorial feel, is what I'm here to capture with my whole heart.

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"If you want a day of fun-filled, unique photos, look no further. She has a knack for making you feel comfortable and at ease so your pictures are candid and authentic. AJ captures the extraordinary in ordinary moments, revealing the love and magic that effortlessly shines through."

"she has a knack for making you feel comfortable and at ease so your pictures are candid and authentic."

lovers names

"Their work is truly captivating, with each shot telling a unique and beautiful story. Their ability to capture raw emotions and create stunning compositions is unmatched. Working with them was an absolute joy, as they brought a contagious passion and energy to every session."

"Anna Jean's ability to capture the real us and tell our story is unmatched."

lovers names

"From the moment we met, their passion and creativity shone through, making the entire experience unforgettable. They effortlessly captured the essence of every moment, turning ordinary shots into extraordinary masterpieces. Their attention to detail is truly next level."

"their passion and creativity made the entire experience unforgettable."

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I’m all about capturing love and life – but every time I looked at typical couples photos or browsed Pinterest, I saw a lot of sameness. Same generic poses. Same lighting. Same detail shots. Don’t get me wrong – we all need a photo our grandma can proudly display on the fridge. But the couples I know are anything but typical. 

You’ve got incredible style, you’re bursting with personality, your love story and energy are literally captivating. You deserve photos that reflect your vibe. That celebrate you at your most alive, not just your most perfectly posed and put together. The ones that go in the scrapbook and the ones that might make grandma blush and the ones you’ll look back on and say “that is so perfectly us.”


My obsession: visual artistry. My style: editorial meets grunge. The vibes: captivating, intimate, audacious

Your love is a whole ass mood, and it would be my honor to capture it.

I love finding the spark in ordinary moments and places and showing you the love and magic that you radiate without even realizing it.
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The couples I know are anything but typical.



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